If you have information, stories, photographs, etc., to share about anyone in my family, please contact me - howardka at earthlink.net. If you use anything from this blog, please contact me for permission to post/use elsewhere. I don't mind sharing but would like credit for these original posts and family photos.

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Genealogy Friend

In my genealogy class this semester we are learning about more advanced ways to research our American families and how to evaluate the information we find. One of our recent topics was researching the females in our various lines, which is often a difficult thing to do when you get into the 1800's, especially the early part of the 1800's and pre-1800's.

In late February I got a phone call one afternoon from Donna, who lives in Ozark, AL. She called to say she could help me with the Pritchetts, my great grandmother's side of the family (Margarett Emma Pritchett Gilley). Donna contacted me after reading this geneanolgy blog, and am I glad she did! Since then we've emailed back and forth sharing information. Donna has given me more people to add to my grandmother's side and great grandmother's side of the family, including many female first and last names! It's much easier to look for records of a woman ancestor when you find out her maiden name and her father's name. The 1850 US Population census is the first census that names family members living in the household. Before that, only the head of households are named and family members are grouped into age categories. It can be a bit tricky to match families correctly in those early census records. Donna also gave me a link to a website that has more about the Pritchetts.

This genealogy adventure  gets so exciting when I meet people like Donna from Alabama and Lisa from North Carolina and Wendy from England (see an earlier post A Tale of Two Cousins). I find out new things about my family and/or get photos that are new to me. I also love getting stories and other things from my own cousins. I'm also glad to share anything I have as well. One thing is certain, I never dreamed I'd learn as much as I have about both sides of my family, here in the USA and in England.

Soooooo, if anyone who reads this blog has any information on my family, please contact me at howardka at earthlink.net. The family names I'm researching are: Jowers (mostly Alabama, Florida, South Carolina), Gilley (mostly Alabama, Florida), Pritchett (mostly Alabama, Georgia), Lindsay (Alabama), Langdale (England - Hertfordshire, London), Kirkpatrick (England - London), Rampton (England - London), Lenny (England - London), Denny (England - London). There are more, but this is enough for now.

Annie Gilley Jowers, about 1910, about 18 years old

Sisters Annie Gilley Jowers, Ada Gilley Elmore , May Gilley Peterson

Margarett Pritchett Gilley, mother of the sisters above