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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Additional Pages of Thomas Gilley, Jr.'s Family Bible.

Family History transcription:

A Record of Important Events

My Mother Winnie Ann Gilley Died June the 11th 1891 66 1/4 years old
My Father Thomas Gilley Died Mch 2nd 1898 75 years 6 months 2 days old

My Father-in Law William Franklin Pritchett was born
Feb. 10th 1820 and Died Aug. the 5th 1912.
(Note: William looks more like Hilliam but William is the correct name.)

Marriages transcription:


Thomas and Margrett E. Gilley Was Married July The 5 AD 1877
(In pencil) Marvin and Lula B. Gilley was married July the 27 AD 1902
Note: Lula B was Lula Bell Jowers, my grandfather, Hilliard Edgar Jowers' sister.

Deaths transcription:


William H. Gilley Died Oct The 31 AD 1878 (in pencil - Thursday)
Addie Gilley Died February the 23 AD 1883 (I think) (in pencil - Friday)
Isum (?) Gilley Died Oct the 8th 1886 (in pencil - Friday)
Thos. Green Gilley Died Oct the 18th 1906
Green Gilley Died June the 9th 1923
Margarette Emmaline Gilley Died Aug. 15th 1926 2.30 AM
(In pencil) Thomas Gilley Died Nov. 3, 1938 8:45 PM

Note: My great grandmother's name was written as Margrett on the Marriages page above.

I'm not sure who these people are: William H. Gilley, Addie Gilley, Isum Gilley, Thomas Green Gilley. They will be added to my To Do list to find out who they are.

Green Gilley is my grandmother Annie Gilley Jowers' brother who is thought to have died in a sawmill accident.

I believe my great grandfather, Thomas Gilley, Jr., wrote most of the entries in these pages. He had beautiful penmanship.

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