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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

William F. and Nancy A. Pritchett - 1860 US Federal Census

I found out some things about William Franklin Pritchett and Mary A. Pritchett, maternal grandparents of my grandmother, Annie Gilley Jowers. My first source is the 1860 US Federal Population Census. William was listed at 34 years old. The Gilley Bible record shows he was born 10 Feb 1820, which I tend to go with. That would make his age 40 years. Mary A. was listed as 30 years old. If that is accurate, she was 30 years old with a possible birth year of 1830. A box is checked for the column "Married within the year" for William. He was born in Alabama and his wife was born in Georgia. They lived in Dale County, Alabama (Post Office - Newton).

At the time of this census they had two sons, Thomas, age 10 and James, age 8. It looks like both boys were born in Arkansas (Ark written in the census.)

William was a farm laborer who did not own property but had a "Personal Estate" valued at $390.

I will need to add to my To Do list: Was William F. Pritchett married before? When did he live in Arkansas? Was Mary A. Pritchett married before and are the boys her sons?

You will find the Pritchetts at the bottom of the census.

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  1. Genealogy is like mining for gold--one thing leads to another!