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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Uncle Syd

Today is one of those whoop and holler days! I was looking on Ancestry.com at their Immigration and Passenger lists. A few days earlier I found Cousin Gill's dad on a 1957 list coming from England to Canada. She suggested I look for our great uncle Syd who immigrated to Canada a long time ago. I FOUND HIM! He and his wife, Bertha, went there in 1928. Not only did I find that. I also found that Uncle Syd listed his brother, John, as his closest kin and . . . it gave John's address in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. Great information. I didn't have anything about John past the 1911 census when he lived in the house where my grandmother was a servant. He was about 13 years old at the time. I was also trying to find out if Aunt Peggy went with Uncle Syd to Canada. Haven't found any evidence of that yet. (It was believed that she had gone to live with them in Canada for a while when she was a child.) Now I need to see when Uncle Syd and wife left Canada and moved back to England. I met Uncle Syd as a child when visiting in England and saw him again as an adult.

That made me wonder if I could find when Aunt Peggy came to the States to visit Mama after I was born. I FOUND HER! She arrived in late August, 1948. I also have evidence of where my family lived in Tallahassee at that time.

Exciting discoveries, for sure, as I try to learn more about my English family.

Here are the two documents I found. Left document: Uncle Syd (Sid) and his wife, Bertha, are at the bottom of the page. Right document: Aunt Peggy is Line 3.

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