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Sunday, September 4, 2011

More about Uncle Syd . . .

Here are some things I learned from the Canadian Immigration document.

He was 34 years old when he arrived. Bertha was 40 years old. Her sister, Mrs. A. Bragg, 952 Norman Rd., Ford City, Windsor, Ontario, paid their way to Canada. Both intended to permanently reside in Canada. Ford City, Windsor was right across
water (river?) from Detroit, Michigan. They were planning to travel to their destination by train.

Uncle Sid's occupation was listed as a roadman, which meant he worked on roads. His intended Canadian occupation was listed as Agriculture. Aunt Bertha was a housewife. They had a total of 10 pounds (English currency) when they entered the country. I'm not sure how much that was in 1928 or today's equivalent.

I did find a document (Detroit Border Crossings) that shows they went to Detroit to the theatre (movies?) for a few hours on March 7, 1931. Other information showed he lived Blenheim, Ontario and was a farmer. He had been in the US before. He had $10 when he crossed into the country. Uncle Syd was 5 feet 3 inches tall with a medium complexion, light brown hair, and blue eyes, and 34 years 8 months old. 

They were in Canada about 2 years 7 months.

I found where he and his wife and baby daughter, Mary, left Canada to return to England in 1931. They sailed on the Ausonia (Cunard Ship Line) - port of embarkation, Halifax; port at which they landed, London, on August 4, 1931.

Some facts from the passenger list:
Uncle Syd - 34 years old, occupation - laborer
Aunt Bertha - 40 years old, no occupation
Mary - 4 months old
Proposed address: 38 Watson Ave, St. Albans

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