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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gilley Family Loving Remembrance Card

Here is another treasure from Cousin Jane and the collection of her parents. When used in connection to the transcribed Gilley Family Bible Births page, it gives more information on the children of Thomas Gilley, Jr. and Margrett Pritchett Gilley.

Three of Thomas and Margrett Gilley's children died as infants or a toddler: William, Addia (Addie on the Births Family Bible page), and Isom. Their other children grew to adulthood, although Green Gilley died in his 20's in the early 1920's.

Thomas Gilley, Sr. is first on the remembrance card, so this card was probably made following his death in 1898.

This is some information I found on the internet about remembrance cards:

With a long tradition both in the United States and Europe dating back to the 1800's, funeral cards (also sometimes called mass, mourning or remembrance cards) are an excellent source of information for genealogists. While not a traditional "vital record", they often provide great clues like death and birth dates, name of the cemetery where the deceased was interred, name of the funeral home, and sometimes even a photo of the ancestor.

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  1. How very interesting Karen. Wonderful piece of family history. Thinking about those children dying so young, I can hardly imagine what that was like, knowing it was a possibility. And maybe a probability as well.