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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Wonderful Accidental Find

Sometimes I get so excited on this genealogy journey of mine that I can hardly keep from whooping and hollering from the roof top. Let me tell you about what has me so excited this time.

On August 9 I was reading my email from Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter mailing list that I subscribe to. I saw a link to an article that sounded interesting to me, so I clicked on it. http://blog.eogn.com/eastmans_online_genealogy/2012/08/lost-photograph-connects-to-familys-long-history.html     This is what I read:

August 09, 2012

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  1. It's always a joy when someone makes a wonderful genealogy discovery. Just when we think there is nothing left to find, something always pops up! It was my pleasure to be able to provide you with information on your own family Bible. Anyone else would have done the same - that's just how genealogy peeps are!