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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Private Family Tree on Ancestry

This post is for my family members. I've been working the past couple of weeks adding ancestors and sources to my Jowers/Gilley/Langdale/Kirkpatrick private family tree on Ancestry dot com. If you are interested in seeing this family tree, leave a message here or email me or leave a message on facebook or call me. I will get in contact with you with more information on how to get access. One important thing to know is Ancestry never posts any names or information of living people in the tree. I'm the only one who sees that. This tree is not public for just anyone to see and the only people who can view it are ones I approve. I am by no means finished putting information on this tree. It's just a start.

So . . . contact me if you're interested.


  1. Your family tree is part of my lost family tree. My great grandady was also William Ashley Gilley. His son Jesse Green Gilley was my grandady. He was from Wicksburg, Alabama, married Minnie Bell Gilbert and migrated to Jackson County, Florida. Sons names are Leon, Ramey, Spurgon and my dad Paul Gilley. One daughter Lois. I would love to know more about Grandad Jesses brothers and sisters one of them is possibly your grandparrent. We may be cousins. Thanks, Helen Gilley O'Pry